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Gifted and Talented Referrals

Gifted and Talented Program

The Hackett Public School District is accepting referrals for testing for possible placement in the Gifted and Talented Program.  Any person may refer any student in grades 2 through 12 for testing.  

The Hackett School District uses a variety of evaluation tools that measure creative ability, motivation, and academic ability.  A combination of subjective and objective data will be gathered on each student referred to determine if placement in Hackett’s Gifted and Talented Education Program is in the best interest of the student.  The GT Coordinator places that gathered data on a summary sheet that is reviewed by the Identification committee. The Identification committee, made up of professional educators, then selects students based on the information on each student’s summary sheet.  Those who qualify may be placed in the program at the beginning of the next semester. Those who are not selected may be referred again for the next testing period.

The Hackett Schools Gifted and Talented Education Program meets all Arkansas state requirements.  Focusing on a number of skills ranging from critical thinking to personal growth, students are guided into a variety of program options based on the needs of the individual student.

Referral forms are available at the elementary and high school offices.  Please contact Gayla Edwards for further information, at 479-638-8606 or