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Optional Assignments/Resources for 3rd-6th Grade Students. Parent Resources.

GT Students:
I miss you all!
I hope you are staying busy and LEARNING,  DISCOVERING, and keeping your ENTHUSIASM for learning!  
Optional Assignment:
Let's modify our Pizza Box Creations assignment a bit.  If you would like to create something from a box you have at home, and share a photo here or via email or phone, we will still have a Box Creation contest, online!
Remember, the judges will look for-
Creativity- Is it something no one else would think of?
The Ooh Factor
The box must be the main part of the creation.
Typed explanation of what you created and why. 



Resources for Students and Parents, for GT Students at Home: Puzzles by Puzzle Baron

Youtube- Virtual Disney World rides- Take a break and ride a virtual Disney ride! Virtual Field Trips  Free eBooks- Choose your Interactive Adventure!


Optional Assignment-

Independent Study Assignment for 3rd-6th Grade GT Students:

Independent Study

3rd-6th Grades

Do an independent study on a rainforest animal of your choice.  

Research.  Write or type an essay.

The report must include an illustration of the animal as well as a written description of the animal's physical characteristics, behavior, adaptive features, habitat, and diet.

Is the animal you chose to study endangered?  Tell the specific ways it is endangered, or threatened.  What can be done to help or protect this animal? Research this.  Brainstorm: What ways can you think of that would help?

Create a project about the animal you chose.  This can be a slide show, a poster, a game you create, etc.  Your choice


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