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Kindergarten-2nd Grade Parent Resources

Butterfly Activity:

Materials Needed-

Coffee filter

Food coloring or markers (Optional)

Clothespin (Optional)

Put old newspaper or towel down on the table. Have your child squeeze drops of food coloring onto the coffee filter, or, for a less messy project, have them use markers to color the coffee filter (or draw designs on it with a pen or pencil). After it dries, attach a clothespin in the middle to make a butterfly.  If you don’t have a clothespin, you can use a large paperclip, or piece of tape. 

With your child, research different kinds of butterflies. What is the smallest butterfly?  The largest?  What is the difference between a butterfly and a moth? Which butterfly is your favorite?  Why?  

If you have limited internet access, you can talk about different butterflies you have seen.  


If you were a butterfly just coming out of your chrysalis, what is the first thing you would do?

Extended-Writing Assignment- 

Write about your first day as a butterfly!

Illustrate your story.

Outdoor Activity- Go for a walk with your child.  Look for butterflies.  What kind of butterflies do you see?  How many different kinds? 

Fun Family Competition- In two groups, walk different directions.  Count the butterlies you see.  Which group saw the most butterflies?  (The winning group gets to choose the next family activity!)